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G2A - The home for cheap games


G2A is the ultimate way to get pretty much any game, for a much cheaper price than you would find it on a mall or any other site. I came across this site a few years back and I have to say that it has been probably the best thing that could happen to someone that enjoys gaming. They are a trustable company of friendly people, which you can prove by the awesome, endless vouches and positive feedback they have scattered all over the internet. You buy a game with 1-99% discount and you get your key on your e-mail in a matter of seconds after your payment. Also they accept almost all kind of payment types which is a huge plus. Don't forget to check it out:


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Age of Wushu Guru Review

When I manage Age of Wushu Guru audit, first and foremost, I need to say that this new MMO diversion is not like conventional MMO in the past. Grinding and leveling is not a concern in the diversion. The best approach to get an edge in Age of Wushu is by winning growth focuses. At that point, you can use these development focuses in place for your character to study distinctive inner aptitudes and battling moves. There are distinctive approaches to gain growth indicates in-diversion. Anyway you have to uncover these ways in light of the fact that it is not just about slaughtering foes or doing a few journeys. Really, it is still conceivable to procure growth focuses indeed, when you are logged off. This is a completely diverse MMORPG and in the event that you like Chinese combative technique, this is an amusement you will unquestionably appreciate. Also in the event that you need to get an edge in this diversion, check this Age of Wushu Guru Review and download this system aide.

Time of Wushu Guru Review

Time of Wushu Guru audit

So you are as of now playing Age of Wushu or perhaps you are wanting to play this new development of MMORPG. You and I realize that studying another MMORPG is without a doubt drawn out. Comprehension all the bends of the diversion can commit you do a few errors in building your character. This can enormously influence your direction to the highest point of the amusement. This is the place this method guide comes in and I need to give you my Age of Wushu Guru survey.

In this Age of Wushu Guru Review, I will let you know the things that you can get when you download this procedure aide. Essentially, this Age of Wushu system guide has six parts and they all concentrate on a certain part of the diversion that can lead you to the top.

In light of the fact that turning into a legend in this amusement is not associated with what amount of level you have, your aptitudes in battling is an exceptionally enormous component. In this area of the aide, you will find how to completely use the battling arrangement of the amusement.

Study the combos and counters you can use for each ambush.

Study when and how to utilize chi and lash out ambushes for annihilating finishers.

Study how to take advantage of your flying and approach abilities to start strike they won't see nearing.

The ordinary classes of a standard MMORPG were altered in this amusement. The amusement has schools in any case and comprehension this part of the diversion is exceptionally pivotal.

Study the exceptional and the awful of every single school.

Study what school you might as well enter that will suit your playstyle.

Advance Guide – Age of Wushu Guru Review

There are numerous approaches to acquire XP in this amusement and in this segment of the aide, you will study the most ideal routes how to support your characters to the top. Character of the level is not the concern in this diversion. In any case rather, getting XP that might be utilized as a part of growth of aptitudes.

Development Guide – Age of Wushu Guru Review

In the event that you now know how to get more XP, quick and productively, you have to know how to use it right. Thusly you can truly augment every last growth indicates that you have. This segment is devoted in particular for that. In this Age of Wushu Guru Review, I can say that this segment of the methodology aide is the thing that I like ideally since this is the place generally players can commit errors – using focuses that we ought not utilization. With this technique aide, you can beyond any doubt that you won't have any slip-up in building your character.

This is to some degree like the making part of the amusement. Not all players give careful consideration to this viewpoint yet it is still extraordinary to have this on Age of Wushu Guru.

Cash Guru – Age of Wushu Guru Review

I accept that this is extremely vital to have in any system aide and it is extraordinary to have this on Age of Wushu Guru. I can say in this Age of Wushu Guru Review that in the wake of perusing this segment of the amusement aide, you will have a ton of experiences about the coin of the diversion. In this area you will:

Study how to utilize the World Shop to make huge benefits.

Study how to utilize and know the distinction between Tael and Silver Coins.

Study how to exchange between players for huge benefits.

Study the quickest approaches to acquire coin in Age of Wushu.

These are the six areas of the amusement aide. With this, you clearly turn into a legend in this new advancement of MMORPG. This Age of Wushu Guru survey greatly suggests this methodology guide to all players who needs to turn into the following legend in this Chinese combative technique amusement.

I trust you got a charge out of perusing my Age of Wushu Guru audit and in the event that you need to download the amusement aide or know progressively about it.

More info ON THIS SITE.

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Neverwinter Supremacy Guide

This video pretty much only shows the site (sorry :p).

If you are somewhat lost in Neverwinter or feeling like it's taking too much time to get where you want this guide certainly suits you.

It covers pretty much every aspect of the game and helps you being good at it. From currency to skill, it teaches you everything using nice strategies guiding you all the way to the end.

There really isn't much to talk about this guide. It's the best and offers a huge range of possibilites to everyone that gets it. Doesn't matter if you are new to Neverwinter or a MMORPG veteran.

Here is what this guide offers you:
Beginners Guide

We will start at the beginning and tell you how to get the FASTEST start in the game.

Neverwinter changes some of the core dynamics of a standard MMO and unless you get off on the right foot you could be left with no mount, no money and underpowered!

We make sure that does not happen and give you everything you need to start dominating.

  • Leveling Tips To Make The FASTEST Progress!
  • Healing And How To Make Sure You ALWAYS Have Enough Health!
  • Money And How To Get It – You Need To Get Started Right So You Get Your Mount Fast!
  • Companions – What You Need To Know And How To Use Them Effectively!
  • Gathering Kits – You Will Need These For Fast Progress!
  • Runestones – How To Become More Powerful Fast!

Class Guide

Neverwinter has different classes that you can play as and more on the way.

You need to know HOW to play them otherwise you might find that your gear is underpowered, you have picked the wrong skills and more importantly you will not enjoy the game as much as you could.

We stop all of this and give you COMPLETE class guides and how to use them.

  • Guide For All Classes And How To Pick One That Matches Your Playstyle!
  • Backup Skills – How To Use Your Backup Skill For A Quick Change In Tactics!
  • Rotations Guide – Want The Edge In Battle?
  • We Give You Rotations For PvE & PVP as well as Dungeons!
  • How To Play Your Class – Tips That Will Cause You To Become Unstoppable With Your Chosen Class!
  • Companions – We Show You The BEST Companions To Pair Up With For Faster Progress!
  • Making The Most Of Your Companions – We Show You How To Turn Them Into A Killing Machine!
  • Builds Guide – We Give You Complete Character Class Builds For ANY Gameplay Type – PVP, PvE & Raiding Etc…

Power Leveling Guide

Leveling in Neverwinter is fairly straightforward but there are still techniques that you can use to see the content faster. 

We give you a complete Leveling guide that will tell you each quest as well as which quest chains you SHOULD do and those that will just eat up the time.

  • Quick Start – We Show You How Leveling Works And How You Can Get Started Leveling Fast!
  • Speed Levelling – We Tell You The Things You NEED Before You Start So You Don’t Keep Starting And Stopping!
  • Praying – Let Us Show You The Key To Speed Leveling By Keeping The Faith!
  • Companion Leveling – Your Companions Are KEY To Speed Leveling!
  • The Foundry – Speed Leveling Tricks With The Foundry For Super-Fast Progress!
  • Quest Planner – We Show You Where You Need To Be And When So You Know You Are On The Right Track!

Money Guide

As with all MMO’s you will NEED money! In fact getting enough money is normally overlooked and you find yourself ready to get that mount without a penny to rub together!

We show you strategies, tips and tricks to make sure your pockets are always filled to the brim!

  • Getting Started – We Show You How To Be Sure To Have Enough Money At Level 20 For Your Mount & More…
  • Gold, Silver & Copper – We Show You How To ALWAYS Make Sure You Have The Money On You For Anything In The Game!
  • Zen & Astral Diamonds – We Show You How To Get Astral Diamonds And How To Get Zen Plus Whether You Need It OR Not!
  • Crafting – We Give You A Complete Guide To ALL Crafting Skills And How To Make Money With It!
  • Professions – These Go Hand In Hand With Crafting And We Give You A Full Guide For These Too!
  • Crafting Leveling – We Show You How To Level Crafting VERY Fast With Zen Or Level It Up By Leveling Quickly!
  • Profession Task Guide – We Give You A Breakdown Of The Profession Tasks And The Time It Takes To Complete Them!
  • Farming Guide – We Give You The ULTIMATE Gold And Astral Diamond Guide – If You Need Money In The Game Fast This Will Help!
  • Dungeon Farming Guide – We All Know That Dungeons Hold The Best Gear! We Show You How To Get It!
  • Celestial & Ardent Coin Guide – This Will Give You A Nice Boost During Play!
  • Seals – Let Us Show You How To Get The Best Drake Seals Fast!

Dungeon Guide

If you want to progress fast in any MMORG then Dungeons will play a big part in this. 

We give you a guide to the Dungeons in Neverwinter, what to expect and tell you how to make the fastest progress and what level you should be before you tackle them.

  • Guide To All Dungeons In Neverwinter – Updated As The Game Updates!
  • Skirmishes Guide – We List All Skirmishes The Zone And The Level You Need To Be For Best Reward!
  • Dungeon Reward Guide – We Advise On The Best Dungeons To Play And Where To Get The Best Seals!
  • Dungeon Loot Guide – We Tell You Where To Get The Best Loot In Each Dungeon!
  • Battle Ready Guide – We Tell You What To Bring To Each Dungeon To Give You The Best Chance Of Survival!
  • Dungeon Boss Guide – We Give You A Guide To Each Dungeon Boss and How To Beat Them!

Foundry Guide
The Foundry makes Neverwinter unique and using this feature you can be sure that you will never get bored with Neverwinter. You will be able to design your own quests and earn XP using your own user generated content!

  • Let Us Show You How To Level Fast With The Foundry!
  • Quest Building Guide And How To Use The Foundry!
  • Best Foundry Quests – We Have Picked The Best Quests For Both XP And Fun So You Make Even Faster Progress!

Did you like what you read? Think this will suit your needs? Then don't hesitate on checking Neverwinter Supremacy Guide's Site for more info!

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Zygor Guides - World Of Warcraft In-game Strategy Guides

I have used this addon in the past for about 1 year or 2 and I have to say it's an amazing addon. Really helps you out doing everything you need on World of Warcraft guiding you step by step.

This addon covers:

Leveling & Loremaster
Power level your characters from 1-90 in the fastest time possible - usually under 4 days /played time!

Dailies & Events
Get more out of your end-game experience with daily quests to make gold and unlock rare items!

Dungeons & Gear
Keep up to date on dungeon boss fighting strategies, and grab the best gear with our Gear Guide.

Professions & Achievements
Become a master of your trade, get filthy rich, and earn your bragging rights.

Pets & Mounts
Gain new & cute companions to follow you in your adventures and ride around in style!

Titles, Reputation, & Macros
Set yourself apart from the crowd, gain respect, and streamline your gameplay.

Grab this opportunity now at this link. You can even choose a free trial to try it out before buying!

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Manaview's Addons for World of Warcraft

This addon (or group of addons) will really improve how you play this game on every way possible.
The price might seem a bit too much at first but then you realise it really isn't as you start thinking on all the gold you are earning (which you can later even sell it making the addon pay for itself) and all the leveling time you are cutting off.
This addon can be bought seperately or the whole package (whole package is highly recommended).
Now I leave you with this nice little review on this addon and the link you should visit for more info and further buying the addon if you feel like it :).